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          1. Yunmeng Rende Technology Co,.Ltd

            Professional manufacturer of water softening agent and snow melting agent

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            About us

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            Hubei Yunmeng Rende Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in production and selling of snow melting agent, seawater crystal, water softening agent and compound particle fertilizer etc. We devote ourselves to develop new type and environmental friendly salinization products. Our company also provides industrial salt, anhydrous sodium sulphate, dyeing auxiliary and feed additive sodium chloride.
            Our company is located in Yunmeng in Wuhan Economic Cycle, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation condition.
            There is advanced technical force and advanced equipments, including, 2 sets of agitator, 4 sets of squeezing granulator, 1 set of screening machine and automatic metering and packing machine. Our daily production is over 100 tons.
            In addition, there is comprehensive production and quality management system to guarantee product quality. Our principle is “quality first, high starting point and high standard”. We would like to serve all customers with high quality product and top level service.




            Contact us

            Add: Yunmeng Chengbei Industrial Park

            Contact: Mr. Zuo +86-712-4237988




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